Credit Repair is scary. The truth is creditors have done a great job of creating smear campaigns convincing consumers that there is nothing that can be done to fix credit. The truth is, it is the creditor’s OBLIGATION to validate hundreds of points upon your request. Even if the item is being reported accurately on your credit report, if the creditor can’t validate compliance with hundreds of laws then you might have the necessary leverage to have those items removed.

Your creditors use your credit bureau as leverage to force you to pay them. We go after your creditors on your behalf and find their violations, then use those as leverage to force them to remove the item. Creditors prey on you not knowing your rights or the laws put in place to protect you.

When all three credit bureaus and your creditors start receiving our compliance request, in most cases they simply delete the item versus deal with hours of debt validation and threats of legal action and FTC complaints. We KNOW what they can and can’t do, and we KNOW which laws they commonly break. We use this knowledge to gain leverage and get them to voluntarily remove your negative item. Since they voluntarily remove the item, you won’t see it every come back on your report.

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