By law, your creditors have to wait 30 days to report you late to the credit bureaus. After 30 days they will report you late and your scores will go down. The largest aspect of your credit score is how you pay your bills. This accounts for 35% of your total score. If you pay your bills on time your scores go up. If you are late, your scores drop significantly.Insure you have open and active positive accounts.

This will help your scores go up as positive credit history is the best way to increase your scores. And, if you are paying close to 30 days late send your payment certified so you have confirmation of when your payment was sent.

Creditors like to play games and this evidence will help you in the case they report a negative mark against you. Don’t forget your pay history is the most important aspect of your credit score. Pay those bills on time to insure you have a healthy credit profile and healthy financial future.

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